Continuous Medical Education

Learning from US CME’s System for India

Continuing medical education came into being in the United States in the late twenties when the mediocrity of the initial medical training of practicing physicians was recognized. In consultation with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, it had been decided in 1985 to utilise the services of Indian Physicians settled in USA in Continuing Medical Education and Patient Care in India.  A Questionnaire based study conducted by Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Bangalore Chapter suggest that 59% of Clinicians attending CME’s to meet the experts. In conclusion, Indian doctors are starving for CME’s and eager to meet the experts from different parts of the world with different outlook on their current practice and day to day clinical problems. Also there is growing need for changing the current approach in managing the CME’s and need for involving the medical education companies for Identifying the growing clinical needs,  promoting the CME’s  and to track the activities of growing associations and their activities.

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