Conference Management

All the work related to the conference will be done by Orange Rose except Scientific and Sponsorship generation. The developments of the conference will be updated to the entire committee Every fortnight.

Corporate Events

Tailor made solutions for CME’s
Solution for increasing ROI of CME Attendees and Presenters
Organizing certified medical courses
Solutions for increasing repo with KOL’s
Patient Groups development and management

Association Management

We offer unprecedented management with quick responsiveness and flexibility. We handle management of operations, including membership, marketing, policy development and risk management along-with daily operations related to staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies and member services.

Exhibition Operation Management

Our project managers are highly experienced and adept in overseeing the most challenging of projects they accept and they will keep you informed and updated about the progress, milestones as well as predictable risks while at the same time ensuring that they have a workable plan to work around and mitigate such risks.

Exhibition Sales and Marketing

We know how to win bigger deals. Our team understand human behavior and know how to influence it? The challenge for many B2B companies is to charge their brand with the right combination of values – consistently, over time, and in all channels and we help in Building a world-class brand.

Exhibition Visitor Promotion

We have successful track record in managing the National and International Visitor Promotion and till date we managed to get more than 1,200 International relevent business buyers to our Clients.


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